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The Little Yellow Tea House


Located in Bishop Arts District, in the vibrant neighborhood of Oak Cliff, is a little Yellow teahouse.


We pride ourselves on serving a world of colorful tea blends and seasonal chef inspired afternoon tea menus.

the tea house
tea tower

Our Mission


Here at Potpourri Boulangerie, our mission is to provide an environment of mirth and comfort, while also promoting a sense of exploration and curiosity.

Our tearoom is designed to convey an air of quaint elegance. We try and bring couples, family, and friends closer, by fostering a table that encourages congeniality via the sharing of plates, towers, and teapots.

We believe that when you pour tea for the person to the right of you or snag a sweet or savory morsel from our seasonal tower for the person to the left of you, a meal ascends to a communal event. 



When I started Potpourri, I wanted to give the people of Oak Cliff a place where they could relax, enjoy a good meal, and be treated like royalty. Everyone deserves a little break.

 -Criseida Barreiro, Founder

Chef Andress Barreiro

The Chef

-Andres Barreiro-

Being raised in the family business of Potpourri of Silk. Chef, Andres Barreiro has always found the culinary world fascinating. Every angle has had a unique attraction to him, from building design, restaurant concepts, front-of-the-house setup, to kitchen mise-en-place.


After graduating from Texas Culinary Academy in Austin, TX, Chef Andres spent a year working in Destin, FL at Cuvee Bistro, feeding a hunger to learn more French cuisine techniques.


Later, he spent time in Montreal, Quebec, where the local boulangeries, cuisine, and the mixed European and Canadian ambiance sparked a desire for him and his family to rebrand Potpourri of Silk into the Potpourri Boulangerie you see today.

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